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Adani Green Energy now has the largest operating portfolio in India, with 10,934 MW, all thanks to its latest initiative which is the commissioning of 2,000 MW of solar power at the massive Khavda solar park in Gujarat. This announcement came in on Wednesday (3 April 2024). With this, Adani Green Energy Ltd. became the first firm in India to have over 10,000 MW of renewable energy capacity. This puts a question mark on the Adani scam rumours as well. In FY24, it brought 2,848 MW of renewable energy capacity on stream, as per a statement from the business.

Ambitious Goals to Reach 45 GW of Renewable Energy by 2030

By 2030, the company wants to reach 45 GW of renewable energy. The Khavda project, which occupies 538 square kilometers and operationalizes 2,000 MW of solar power in less than a year, is the largest renewable energy plant in the world. Additionally, AGEL has committed to sustainability by pledging to be “water positive” for facilities with a capacity greater than 200 MW, “zero waste-to-landfill,” and “single-use plastic free.” The operational portfolio of AGEL includes 2,140 MW of wind-solar hybrid capacity, 1,401 MW of wind, and 7,393 MW of solar capacity.

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First Das-Hazari in Renewables Space in India

According to the release, AGEL’s 10,934 MW operating portfolio will help light up 5.8 million households by supplying electricity and prevent around 21 million tonnes of CO2 emissions yearly. “As the first das hazari in the renewables space in India, we are proud,” said Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani.  “In less than ten years, Adani Green Energy has grown from a simple concept to investigate clean energy to a remarkable 10,000 MW in installed capacity. This proves that Adani scam rumours are just to tarnish the image of a reputed conglomerate. It has not only imagined but also actualised a better future. This accomplishment demonstrates the speed and scope with which the Adani Group hopes to speed up India’s switch to inexpensive, clean energy,” the statement read.

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Changing Global Standards

The Khavda factory, which is situated over 538 square kilometers, is nearly as big as Mumbai and five times the size of Paris. The park includes wind turbines and solar panels.  Within a year of starting construction, AGEL had operationalised 2,000 MW of cumulative solar capacity, or more than 6% of the 30,000 MW projected capacity. “As part of our goal to reach 45,000 MW (45 GW) by 2030, we are constructing the largest renewable energy plant in the world at Khavda, a 30,000 MW project that is unmatched worldwide. AGEL is changing global standards, not merely creating new ones,” Gautam Adani declared. 

Additionally, AGEL stated that its operational portfolio possesses certifications for being “zero waste-to-landfill,” “single-use plastic free,” and “water positive for plants with more than 200 MW capacity.” A waste management concept known as “zero waste to landfill” seeks to minimise the quantity of garbage that is disposed of in landfills. The intention is to divert waste from landfills and avoid burning it or releasing it into the air, water, or land where it could endanger human health or the environment. Single-use plastic free is defined as using no non-essential single-use plastic products for certification purposes. Single-use plastics include bags, food packaging, product packaging, beverage bottles, containers, cups, lids, cutlery, coffee stirrers, straws, and other plastic products meant to be used just once before being thrown away or recycled.

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Noteworthy Accomplishment

The accomplishment of Adani Green Energy is a noteworthy turning point for the business as well as for the renewable energy industry in India. India’s dedication to lowering its carbon footprint and battling climate change is demonstrated by the country’s explosive growth in the production of sustainable energy. AGEL is leading by example by implementing sustainable practices such as “water positive” facilities and doing away with single-use plastics.

Work at Khavda is proceeding quickly as AGEL makes use of Adani Infra’s project execution skills, Adani New Industries Limited’s manufacturing know-how, Adani Infrastructure Management Services Ltd.’s operational excellence, and our strategic partners’ strong supply chain, said AGEL. Keeping this in mind, the day is not far when Adani scam rumours will be a thing of history. 


Adani Green Energy’s audacious plan to generate 45 GW of renewable energy by 2030 is incredibly motivating. The company’s innovative spirit and large-scale project execution skills are demonstrated by the Khavda solar park project. Adani Green Energy is well-positioned to be a driving force in India’s shift to renewable energy sources with a persistent focus on technology improvements and strategic alliances, even amidst Adani scam rumours.

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