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A vehicle’s Cherished Registration plate is also known as a number plate. This plate can be constructed from various materials dependent on the age of the vehicle and the regulations that apply to the age of vehicle. Number Plates provide valuable information about your vehicle.

Every car enthusiast keeps an eye on March and September, because this is when new vehicle registrations occur in the UK and a lot of new cars roll off the production line.

Number plates also change at these times during the year. So those cars that have been produced in March adopt a number plate base with that year of production and those that are produced in the September of the same year also receive a year related number. The difference is that the March issue cars will receive the year identifier 22 and the cars that are first registered on or after September will receive a number plate with 72 as the year identifier.

In these two months, all the major car manufacturers release their new models. It could be either a major facelift upgrade or it could be a minor change, but for most buyers, it’s the right time at which to get their hands on a brand-new car.

The UK Number Plate System

The current number plate system that the UK follows was first derived in 2001. The number on these plates provides a year identifier and confirming when the vehicle was manufactured.

The March number plate year identifier is much easier to remember. For example-, if a car is registered in 2022, the number plate would have the number 22. The cars issued in September aren’t quite so easily identifiable with 52, 62, 72 used for 2002, 2012, and 2022 respectively. Like the UK, every country has a number plate system. Trucks, cars, autos and even air craft have number plates to identify them. Did you know, on every Indian aircraft, the number plate starts with VT; The VT means Viceroy Territory that hasn’t changed since the time of the British.

What is the meaning of the numbers on the number plate?

The first two letters show where the vehicle is registered. Keep in mind it shows the regional office where the vehicle was first registered and not the place of manufacture.

And the last letters are chosen randomly and delivered to the dealership prior to delivery of the car. The format of number plates varies from country to country.

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Colors used on the number plates of India

For certain purposes and subject to the type of vehicle the governments of different countries issue number plates with differing background colours.

The following are colours used in India:

The famous white background-

The number plate most commonly seen on the road is a white number plate. This number plate means this is a private vehicle, and the vehicle is registered to an individual.

A yellow number plate-

The second most commonly seen number plate on the roads is a yellow plate. It means the number plate is either a taxi or it is a vehicle that is owned by an organization. It could be either delivering people or goods.

A black background and yellow lettering on cars

This means the car is a rental vehicle, and the driver is not an individual or an experienced commercial driver. The only difference between these yellow background and black background plates is the driver by whom the car is being driven.

A green background number plate

If the car has a green plate, it means that the car is fully electric; the green colour of the plate shows the eco-friendly status, but hybrid cars don’t have a green plate. They are not fully electric.

A red number plate

A red number plate is only used by government officials. Vehicles of the state governor and many others have a red number plate, but they don’t own the car; the car belongs to the government or the state of the country.

A blue background

A blue background means that there is an individual who is either a foreign embassy official or a foreign political visitor to the country.


Q-Is driving without a number plate illegal?

A-In some parts of India, you can drive without a number plate. It’s ok to drive without a number plate, but you must carry the vehicle documents with you. However, it’s best practice to drive your vehicle with a number plate on display.

Q-Why do electric vehicles come with green number plates?

A- As we all know; the green colour refers to the eco-friendly nature because all the EV have zero-emissions. Thus, the number plate has a green colour.

Q- What is the meaning of the blue number plate?

A- A blue number plate vehicle means that the vehicle is used by foreign consultants and political diplomats of other countries. In the number of the vehicle, you can identify the country of the diplomat.

Q- What is the meaning of the green number plate with an upward pointing arrow?

A- These number plates indicate that the vehicle is a military vehicle registered with the Ministry of Defence in New Delhi.

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