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Keeping a check on someone’s location is a safety precaution today’s situation demands. The circumstances are not that much favorable so it is better to take careful measures. As regret of not doing enough for the safety and security of your loved ones can hunt you for life. But what if the loved ones don’t want to be found? What if they consider it a privacy invasion? What if they consider it trouble to text you back after reaching safely or if they found it bothersome to call you back once in a while? Well, then the answer is very clear. You need to find out the secret way out. The path that will let you know the phone tracking app about someone’s location without even them knowing.                                         

  • Roughly more than 600000 people are reported missing every year according to the US Department of Justice report
  • Alaska is one the top of the list of states that has a higher number of child abductions as well as adults reported missing.

It may sound like an easy solution to find out a way to track the real-time location of anyone. But the solution comes with a lot of conditions. For example, the primary one is the legal implications of such technology or usage assurance. So here is what you need to know if you are looking for a location-tracking tool or app. 

Tracking someone’s Location without them Knowing is fine if?

Some conditions must be followed by when we talk about location-related information. As it is private information. Then who can use such apps and tools that let the user notify about the live location of the target? Well distinguish answer is

  • Parents: who want to use these apps for the assuring safety of minor kids or teenagers. It is a simple way to keep the kids under monitoring without directly invading their private spaceEmployers: See employers can use the feature or tool in the company-owned devices of the employees. It can help the user to keep an eye on the employees responsible for outdoor activities.
  • Other than parents and employers, this technology can be used to keep a check on a patient suffering from amnesia or any other disease. In that case or any other scenario apart from parental control and employee rule is simple. Have written consent from the involved parties and you can use the technology. Once you have the permission you can easily track the live location or avail of any other monitoring feature.

The details of how to use a Phone tracking app are as follows

Location Tracking Apps for Android:

  • Android spy apps or monitoring software offer a versatile feature for its users. One of them is the GPS location tracking feature. This feature is beneficial for people who want to know about the target location in real time.
  • A GPS location phone tracking app notifies about the pinpoint location of the target person.
  • You can trace the real-time location with accuracy whenever you want with an authentic location tracking app.
  • Some location-tracking apps offer other bonus features as well. For example one of the TheOneSpy app Spy screen recorder offers a seven-day history record of all the movements and whereabouts of the target. That simply means you can not only know about their live location but can check the frequently visited sites as well.
  • This feature is extremely useful as parental control. As the parents can keep track of the teen’s movements and timely find out about any unusual behavior. Any visit to unusual places or abandoned buildings can be saved and notified to the parents immediately with a good location phone tracking app.
  • Another excellent use of location-tracking apps is Geo-Fencing. It allows the user to mark virtual safe and restricted zone on Google Maps for the target. Users can control and limit the target movements by forcing them into the safe zone only.
  • Any type of movement towards or around the marked zone is notified to the user by the GPS location phone tracking App. It can make things so much easier for users like parents and employers.


As employers can save any suspicious meeting or movement of the target employee with proof. On the other hand, if you are worried that your kid might be visiting weird or adult places then you can simply use this feature.

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