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Business knowledge, computer science, and statistics are all combined in data science. Understanding and resolving critical business issues necessitates business expertise. The next step is to comprehend data: where it is stored, in what format it is stored, and how to extract it.

Here are the top data science businesses in India to be aware of in 2022.

1. Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics, which was founded in 2000, has grown to become one of the nation’s leading analytics service providers. With a global presence boasting a few Fortune 500 companies from industries such as retail, insurance, and technology, this one is certainly unstoppable. The company is now hiring data scientists for its Bangalore, Mumbai, and Gurgaon offices.

2. Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics is at the forefront of what AI and analytics. It can accomplish to solve the most difficult problems that businesses face around the world. For a few Fortune 500 companies, they develop bespoke solutions based on data and technology. They have offices in a variety of cities around the United States, India, and Singapore. Also, they have a sizable global virtual workforce. They help data scientists enhance their abilities by providing cognitively tough challenges that entice them to join and collaborate with them.

3. Ugam, A Merkle company

Ugam is a premier next-generation data and analytics company that helps businesses make better decisions. It is a Merkle company and a Dentsu company. With more than 85 Fortune 500 organizations, Ugam’s customer-centric approach combines data, technology, and knowledge to enable effective and long-term interactions. Ugam’s data scientists can interact directly with client business stakeholders on end-to-end projects, making it one of the finest organizations for data scientists to work with.

4. MuSigma

MuSigma is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and bills itself as the world’s largest provider of decision science and analytics solutions. It has offices all around the world, with Bangalore serving as its major delivery base. At MuSigma, your job as a data scientist would entail examining data, improving and reorganizing it, and finally evaluating the results. Because of its open atmosphere, Mu Sigma is one of the most popular places for data science employees to work. It’s well-known for providing Fortune 500 companies with decision science and big data analytics.

5. Manthan

Manthan is another well-known data science firm. In terms of business solutions, they have a fantastic methodology. They work together using AI and analytics to provide data-driven insights into a business model. They use strict data analysis and technology to aid enterprises in making informed decisions. This corporation provides services to a variety of industries, including technology, telecommunications, retail, pharmaceuticals, and travel. Its data scientists provide an analytics approach for its customers’ decision-making.

6. Absolutdata

Absolutdata’s cutting-edge AI-powered services and solutions are built on 15 years of advanced analytics experience. The Data Science Center of Excellence at Absolutdata develops and delivers sophisticated AI services, solutions, and essential parts so that customers can scale their AI activity. Absolutdata offers more amazing learning and growth curves than other market participants. Data scientists can upskill and focus on basic principles by using explicit, role-based learning on specialist issues.

7. BRIDGEi2i Analytics

The company encourages its data scientists to learn from each challenge and project they work on. BRIDGEi2i employs 400 people, including 280 data analysts. Their asset-based consulting approach covers the complete range and was founded in India in May 2011 by Prithvijit Roy (CEO), Pritam K Paul (CTO), and Ashish Sharma (COO). From data science through machine learning-based knowledge enhancement to actionability via AI accelerators, and eventually contextualization of the aim for businesses.

8. Latent View

Latent View offers a variety of data science services to its clients, including consulting, data architecture and design, and data implementation and operations. They encourage employees to consider each point of view from three perspectives: team, customer, and society. With customers such as Paypal, IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco, the company encourages data scientists to take a 360-degree view of each project to help customers expedite investment decisions and forecast the most recent revenue streams, as well as predict product trends.

9. Accenture

Accenture highlights that large and complex businesses can benefit from effective data management. For example, in the fields of business process specialization and data management, the renowned global professional service company has positions for data scientists.

10. Genpact

Genpact employs over 1500 data scientists in a centralized hub approach that prioritizes client experience. Machine Learning Incubator’ and ML Upgrade’ are two projects that the organization is working on to expand the pool of citizen data scientists. The ML Incubator program is an in-house AI/ML college that intends to upskill more than 600 existing domain specialists. In the domain of data engineering and data science each year by providing them with a structured and instructor-paced learning structure.


A growing variety of sectors and domains are poised to be disrupted and enhanced by data science approaches, resulting in a slew of data science opportunities for those with the necessary capabilities. The data science sector is booming, making now an excellent time to start a career in data science.

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