Beaches in Chennai

Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s capital city, is noted for its rich cultural legacy and stunning beaches. These beaches are famous not just with residents, but also with tourists from all over the world. There are many beaches in Chennai that offer breathtaking vistas. They are also popular with tourists due to their natural beauty and tranquil ambiance. Aside from swimming, beaches provide a plethora of other attractions such as water sports, temples, forts, and cathedrals. 

Going to the famous beaches in Chennai is an excellent choice if you enjoy the outdoors and want to have a soothing getaway. Visit the greatest beaches for a memorable vacation in Tamil Nadu’s capital. Here’s a list of the top beaches for a fun-filled trip.

Neelankarai Beach

The Neelankara beach is smaller in size and less congested than other beaches in Chennai. This excellent beach to visit is clean and neat, making it great for individuals who enjoy romantic beach walks. Near the shore, there are some restaurant stalls serving great local delicacies. Are you planning a family vacation to Chennai? Book Indian Eagle cheap tickets and plan your trip to enjoy an affordable and memorable trip.

Besant Nagar Beach

This Chennai sea beach attracts a fair number of tourists, particularly on weekends. This prominent Chennai beach is known for its arch, which has been featured in numerous Malayalam and Tamil films. While you’re at the beach, don’t forget to eat the legendary Murugan idlis, which are quite tasty. During peak hours and rush hour, you may have to wait a little longer for your delicious idlis. So while planning your trip search for the best way to travel and find cheap flights for hassle-free trips.

Palavakkam Beach

This is the best beach in Chennai which is larger and less congested than other beaches. Sunrise and sunset are the finest times to visit the beach. On Palavakkam beach, watching the sunrise and sunset is a beautiful experience. There are hotels and resorts nearby for individuals who want to spend a few days on the beach. If you want to go ashore, there is a huge, secure parking area.

Breezy Beach

It is one of Chennai’s most well-known beaches and is ideal for individuals who prefer to spend their time in more tranquil settings. Despite its proximity to a residential area, this beach is normally deserted. On weekends, it might become a little packed. There is a little cafe near the beach where you may have a quick bite. The beach is ideal for long evening walks and horseback riding is available. So plan your trip, buy online cheap flights, and experience an affordable trip.

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is around 1 km from the city of Thiruvanmiyur and is a modest beach in size.  The waves on this beach are tremendous, making swimming a lot of fun. It is a perfect area to rest and spend a peaceful time because there is less noise and disruptions, and the environment is quiet and serene. There are a few eateries along the beach’s coastline that serve a variety of cuisines.

Covelong Beach

Covelong is a gorgeous and mesmerizing Chennai sea beach that is a popular tourist destination. It is over 40 kilometers from the city and is located on the Coromandel Coast. Swimming and windsurfing are two of the most popular water sports in this area. Walking across the sands and palm trees gives the individual a sense of tranquility and tranquility.

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VGP Beach

Because this is a private beach, you must pay an entrance charge to enter. This beach, located within the VGP entertainment park, has a lot of possibilities for fun and excitement. From building sandcastles to going on beach rides, kids will enjoy the variety of fun games available at this beach. Adults can simply relax on the beach chairs on the sand. So, plan to visit Chennai soon, then book first-class ticket to India to enjoy a memorable trip.

Thiruvanmiyur Beach

The Beach is ideal for early morning strolls. The sunrise may be seen from the beach; it is a magical experience. There are a few small businesses and food vendors that serve delectable local breakfast treats. The beach is usually quite deserted, so it’s a nice area to relax and laze around. The evening is the greatest time to visit because the weather is cooler and you can enjoy the sea environment. So search for top flight booking sites that offer the best deals and plan a memorable trip.

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Kasimedu Beach

It is a popular weekend destination for Chennai residents. Offering beautiful and panoramic views, this location is ideal for a day away from the city’s crowds. The pier is the beach’s main attraction. Kasimedu Beach is one of the rare sites where you can drive right down to the water. Locals can be found enjoying volleyball, football, cricket, and other outdoor activities on weekends and in the evenings.


These are some of the famous beaches in Chennai. Visiting beaches makes your soul joyful, and observing the movement of the waves provides enormous satisfaction. The best thing about Chennai’s beaches is that they are all clean and have a variety of activities available. So, the next time you want to have some fun, go to the beach and enjoy the fresh sea breeze, play sports on the beach, or simply walk on the sand with your loved one. 

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