Jaisalmer desert safari


Jaisalmer is not only the dazzling royal City of Rajasthan but also the gateway to That desert. It is widely notable and famous for its incredible yellow stone architecture of the Jaisalmer Fort, also known as ‘Sonar Quila’. Jaisalmer desert safari can be considered as an affordable trip. The affordability of a trip depends upon the package type one choses. The impeccable and everlasting experience provides a complete tour of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer Jeep Safari is one of the most famous and prominent attractions of the golden city of Rajasthan. It enables you to experience a ride across the desert along with the glittering sand dunes that are fun to see and give a once in a lifetime experience.

Along with the enchanting experience of the desert one can also enjoy the visit to places such as Jaisalmels related to hygiene

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Shawl
  4. Sweater
  5. Wet wipes
  6. Napkins
  7. Torch
  8. Headlamp
  9. Power Bank or portable charger
  10. Footwear: Boots or sneakers
  11. Loose and comfortable clothes

Jeep Safari

During the Jaisalmer desert safari as the jeep begins the journey , it crosses the sprawling desert with its rolling dunes, you may feel awed looking at the never-ending desert sight which persists in front of you. Some take a short safari of about 30-60 mins while some tend to exhilarate the experience byr Fort, Desert National Park, Gadisar Lake, Kanoi, Tanot Mata temple, Salim Singh ki haveli, Khaba Fort, Lodurva, Sam village, Bhilo ki Basti etc.

How many Days are required for the Jaisalmer tour?

About 2 days are sufficient for the Jaisalmer tour. You can explore and admire the heritage beauty of the Jaisalmer fort, enjoy the desert camp experience with locals , engage in other fun activities present, and shop at local bazaars. The location does not have an airport thus the nearest airport will be in Jodhpur. In total there are 6 airports present in Rajasthan. 

Ideal time to visit

The best ideal time to visit Jaisalmer is between October to March. The weather during this duration is pleasant and one can admire the colourful sandy terrain of the spot. One must avoid visiting the place in summers as it gets extremely hot and dry during that period of time. Safari during Summers may not end up being fun. The resorts present over here are famous for providing World class services and facilities. Some of the famous resorts are Suryagarh Palace, Desert Tulip Hotel and Resort, Devi Desert Resort and Retreat, Sand Dunes Resort and Sunshine Desert Camp and Resort. 

Why is it a favourite spot for photography? 

Photographers and astronomy lovers will get excited by the fact that the Milky Way can be spotted over here even with the naked eye. The desert safari enables you to stay close to nature. The Thar desert is known for pretty cool wildlife and includes numerous endangered species that one comes across while on the safari. The peace and silence one comes across during the trip is blissful. Depending upon the package one opts for there are additional spots and activities provided. There are plenty of packages available for desert safari and deciding on one can be a headache for sure. 

List of essentials to carry: 

  • Water bottles
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera or photography gear
  • Medical kit

Essentia opting for a 4 to 6 hours journey. The longer ride enables you to get the most out of the safari trip of the dusky dessert. Travellers like to experience the safari during both day and night. A late afternoon safari trip enables you to enjoy a mesmerising sunset in the desert. While during the night Safari one can enjoy a cool atmosphere and cherish the travelling experience under the sky full of stars.

Camel safari

Camel Safari is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the western region of Rajasthan that pleases the visitor with an experience that is beyond imagination. The best part is the stunning sand dunes. The experience of Safari over here is a complete package of thrills and excitement. It enables you to capture the best shots of the magnificent desert and enjoy the true flavours and aspects of the local lifestyle. The camel safari is an amazing way to explore the Jaisalmer countryside and accept its charismatic elegance over the court. 


Jaisalmer as a whole is considered as one of the best cities in Rajasthan. There are a wide range of deserts and two Prominent desert dunes also. The dune sites are Sam sand dunes and Khuri Sand Dunes. Both of them are 40-60 metres long and serve as a popular destination for tourist attractions. 

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