We all have at least one friend that gives us the “family” vibes! They will give you time like no other has given you in your lifetime. So, it would help if you made them feel appreciated for their awesomeness. Now, if you are scratching your head and wondering what would be the best gesture to make your friend feel extra special during the holiday season, Market99 has some great suggestions for you!

You can explore their offline and online stores for the list of Christmas gifts for best friends mentioned below. 

  • Home-Made Sweets Items 
  • Organising Kits
  • Xmas Decoration 
  • Unique Items 
  • Fancy Kitchenware 
  • Pampering Kits
  • Home Decor

Home-Made Sweets Items 

No one can compare the sweets that you will make for your friends. With sugar and flavour, you have added your love to them! But to make your handmade cookies or chocolates an extraordinary gift for friends on Christmas, you need to give them fancy packaging. Therefore, Market99 offers you a wide range of printed tin boxes. These boxes are designed keeping the cheerful tone of the holiday season in mind. They have tin boxes printed with Santa, snowman, and reindeer themes. Their online platform also holds tin boxes other in aesthetic and adorable as well. So, even if you are giving the cookies in a patterned floral box, it will keep the cookies safe and give them a heart-melting presentation. 

Organising Kits

One of the best ways to show your love to your friends is by caring for them. So, if you find them struggling with organising their indoor spaces, then Market99 is the best place to buy organisers and give them an astounding Christmas gifts for best friends. They have a huge range of bathroom, bedroom, office desk, kitchens, and living room organisers. These items will not only be excellent for keeping their home clean, but these organisers will also amp up their home space. You can buy racks, baskets, mini drawers, dispensers, boxes, and more items in various shapes, sizes, and colours. You can either give them a surprise by organising the mess on your own or wrap the gift and give them a project to follow during the holidays.  

Xmas Decoration 

While some of us get the time to prepare our home and office Xmas, others may not. Your best buddy may get stuck with the end-of-the-year work hassle. So, to give them a wonderful surprise on Xmas eve, you can decorate the tree and their place. For such gestures, Market99 has come up with various Christmas decorations, ornaments, lights and more.

You can visit the nearby store and get unique decor items in no time. Want to decorate the tree? Put the Christmas balls, stars, angles, state’s shoes, mini gifts, candy cane, and hearts in your cart. Similarly, for the home, you can take a Christmas wreath, lights, stockings, plaques or any other decor item that captures your attention in the Market99 store. In case you are one who is facing issues with Work-life balance, then you can also place an order for all the decor items and get them delivered to your bestie’s place to give them a wonderful surprise. 

Unique Items

Christmas is all about making a person feel special. So it does not matter if you are giving them something small. It is the thought that counts! Thus, if you are looking for a budgeted and thoughtful Christmas gift for your friends, here are some suggestions. Want to give your friend something for their blank office desk, then give them an adorable reindeer figurine or an artificial succulent. On the other hand, if you want to give them something motivating, then wall and table plagues would make the best Christmas gifts for friends.  

Fancy Kitchenware 

We all love to step into a well-organised and decorated kitchen. Nonetheless, the kitchen is the last place we think of decorating! So, this year, they rebuilt their food factory and made it look all fancy with some simple tricks. You can replace the old nameless jars for sugar, tea, biscuits and spices with printed and labelled containers. and also add cutlery organisers, oil dispensers, printed cups, new plates and more such items as per their taste. You can also do the same for their bathroom, bedroom, storage and any other room that needs a bit of revamping. Such gestures will make your close friends feel amazing after a long day.

If decorating is too expensive, you can also purchase the items and put them under the tree or in the Christmas stocking to make a wonderful Christmas gift for your friends

Pampering Kits

The next time your friends need a kit to rejuvenate their skin, they will thank you for your lovely gift. You can curate their favourite skin, body and hair care products in one basket and give them an alluring gift on Christmas. If you are baffled about what to put in the basket, you can go for health and beauty items like a reusable shower cap, eye mask, makeup bandana, table mirror, scalp and body scrubber, face mask, hair mask, facial kits and more. If your friends plan a trip, you can add mini travel kits and disposable hygiene products to your customised kit. You can order these products from the Market99 store or collect them physically from their offline store. 

Home Decor 

When we say home decor, we don’t mean ordinary ones. The world is full of unique items; you only need an eye for them. When you add your love to a unique item, it becomes an unforgettable Christmas gift for friend. You can get fancy oil paintings, T-light holders, wind chimes, vases, artificial flowers and more such unique decor items online. One of the best stores you can visit to fulfil your gifting needs is Market99. They have the best stuff of all time. 


Apart from the options mentioned above, there are many other things that you can do to make your friends feel cherished on Christmas night. After all, gifting is all about making the recipient feel amazed and priceless.

By Pankajsharma

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