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Pursuing your career as a MERN stack developer is not that easy. Why? Because you require to master different things if you want to become a competent MERN developer. However, there is a certain strategy that you can follow to make this difficult task a little simpler. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you a quick guide that you can follow to easily start your career as a MERN stack developer.

How to Begin Your Career as a Beginner MERN Stack Developer?

Becoming a competent MERN developer especially if you are just starting out can be very challenging. However, there are certain things that you can do to make this challenging task a little simpler. Following is a guide that you can follow to become a competent developer if you are starting from scratch:

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

HTML, CSS and JS are foundational technologies that you must master to learn web development. Thus, if you want to become a competent developer you must master these foundational technologies. Why? Because it will make it a little simpler for you to learn the technologies of the stack. So, if you are just starting then make sure you learn these foundational technologies first. Learning these foundation web development technologies will be extremely beneficial for you. To learn about these foundational web development technologies in more detail feel free to join our Mern stack course.

Learn Node.JS

NodeJS is basically JS runtime environment. With its help, developers can develop robust server-side apps in JS. Besides this, it is one of the major components of the technology stack. So, do master this fabulous technology if you seek to become a competent MERN developer. For this, you can join A NodeJS training program online. For instance, you can join a Node learning program at Coursera, Udemy, etc. to master Node.JS

Learn React

When it comes to developing robust web apps many firms prefer to use React for it. Basically, it is a front-end technology that you can use for developing the front-end of an app. As per a report, almost every tech firm uses React for web app development. Why? Because the front-end technology is extremely reliable and offers tons of benefits to users. So, do learn React if you are just starting your career as a developer. For learning the technology you can take the help of official documentation of React. Besides this, you can also enrol yourself in a React learning program on sites like Codecademy and Udemy.

Learn MongoDB

MongoDB is another key technology of the MERN stack. Basically, it is a NoSQL database that you can use for developing the back-end of your app. The biggest key reason behind the popularity of this database is that it is highly cost-effective. Furthermore, it comes with robust querying and analytics capabilities. Apart from this, learning to use MongoDB is also not that hard. If you have basic knowledge of databases then you can easily master this outstanding database. Besides this, you can also join a MongoDB training program online to master it.


Express is an excellent and powerful web application framework. By using it you can easily develop robust web apps with RESTful APIS/Node.JS. The biggest reason behind the increasing popularity of Express is that it is extremely efficient and effective. Moreover, it also makes it very easy for developers to organize the functionality of apps. In other words, using Express can be extremely beneficial for a developer. For mastering Express you can take the help of official Express documentation. Furthermore, you can also join an Express course at FreeCodeCamp, Udemy, etc. to master the technology.

Build projects

Once you get familiar with all the above technologies you must start building projects using the stack. Why? Because it will give you the opportunity to use these technologies practically. Moreover, it will also help you gain confidence in using the stack for development. Apart from this, building projects will also enable you to showcase your proficiency in the stack to potential employers. So, make sure you start building projects once you master all the above technologies.  Additionally, you can also get a MERN Stack Certification to increase your value in front of potential employers.

Join a Community

Another thing you must do if you are beginning your journey as a developer is join a relevant community. Why? Because by joining such communities you can get many benefits. For instance, you get a chance to learn from many big developers. Besides this, you can ask questions and get help in case you face problems developing apps with the stack. So, do join a community if you are just starting your career as a developer. You can easily find the MERN community on platforms like Reddit.


Becoming a MERN developer can be quite challenging for beginners. However, if you follow the above-discussed strategy then you can easily become a successful developer. So, carefully follow the above strategy if you are just beginning your career as a developer. If you follow this guide you can easily become a successful MERN developer.

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