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With the increase in demand of electricity new, sustainable and cheaper alternatives are now digged for the public sector to reassure their lifestyles down below you will find the largest solar company of the US for residential purpose since residential sector is as vital as any other sector as it is very submissive, spontaneous and practical here are few largest companies in the of the US with the first one being:


Sunrun is the US’s largest residential solar company with almost 15% market share publicly-traded Sunrun which held at the top for the fifth consecutive time, securing 13% of the total market. However, Sunrun’s market share is down nearly a point since 2020 – the second year in a row the company experienced market share declines. Although both Sunrun’s direct and indirect installation volumes continue to grow, but due to omicron it disrupted their market value while Freedom Forever a company hitted a massive turnout of 80% shares in the market.

While the sunrun market value starts to decline in the residential segment the market owners have seen a steep uphill graph for Tesla which bounced back to achieve growth and market share earnings in 2020. Marking its highest quarterly output since Q3 2017, the company installed seventy-three megawatts in Q4.


Tesla made a strategy to target their solar business and made waves in July by launching industry-low system pricing. And during the company’s Q4 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk has hoped and held an optimistic approach for the market values to be gained back. After reporting its lowest quarterly output on record in Q2, Tesla’s increased deployments in Q3 and Q4 identifying that the company is liable of generating volumes and expanding it in even time of despair and low customer bound services Its Q4 market share of 7.6% would have almost certainly beat out Vivint for the quarter and would have been close to become head-to-head with Sunrun’s direct installation volume only if the possession hasn’t been led out to vivint.

After the liquidation of laws of direct retails door to door customer service and going on online solar selling Tesla lost its spot at the top of the Leaderboard rankings in 2018 and has sat below since Q1 2019 of both Sunrun and Vivint.

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Besides Sunrun and Tesla, several privately held residential solar companies are continuing to experience robust installation growth.  Where Freedom Forever has touched new heights by ranking up over the past couple of years and has expedited into several new state markets. The third-largest installer like superior solar focuses strictly on engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services and uses third-party commercials to strategize their projects. This “franchise dealer” as it continues to grow amongst the local population and bodies at its current rate, Freedom Forever’s growth puts pressure on Titan Solar Power’s position one of highest in the leaderboard, going into 2022.

Titan and Freedom Forever commonly compete for sales volume as significant regional installers with extensive networks, and their activities overlap in 15 states. Additionally, both have subcontractors whom they depend upon for a full suite of technology. Outsourcing sales to third-party companies – a customer acquisition strategy also used by Sunrun to be a exotic tool for solar installer boulder as they far fledged their market

Expertise of installer to maximize their growth

  • US commercial solar continues to consolidate for both development and asset ownership and accounted 60% sales by top installers since 2013.
  • The top asset owners now command almost 40% of the annual market, up from 32% last year from the residential installation.
  • While commercial solar remains a difficult business to scale, many top developers and asset owners have grown their businesses faster through this route since more revenue and price cut down on the labour task force for different individual.

Market Tiers

Titan Solar and Blue Raven Solar – two others privately held residential installers – grew by 18% and 50%, respectively, in 2020 in terms of installation capacity. Both the limiteds have gained popularity for longer tenor solar loans to boost leads. Rounding out the top ten is Palmetto Solar, a provider for sales softwares and does installations too have outgrown

On the other side, in 2020 the rankings dropped of Trinity Solar Power and Momentum Solar.

These two companies are more concentrated in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, where some companies had difficulties adjusting sales strategies due to the pandemic. Market penetration in these legacy markets is larger than in other faster-growing states, placing these enterprises at a disadvantage. Momentum Solar’s volumes declined in 2020, while Trinity Solar’s climbed marginally but lagged the general market. So, have a check on leaderboard due to fluctuation in the market.

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