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PCs are the very useful and most important things these days. Everything, whether it is related to studies, bill payment or any other work, is done through PC only. A slow PC can be caused by several things. There are several factors that could be slowing down the performance of your computer because your operating system must divide the resources of your computer among all the programs that are running on it.

The primary and main reasons for a slow computer come down to poor resource usage on your PC.

Why is my computer so slow?

There are some key reasons why your computer may have gotten so slow:

  • Running out of RAM or disk drive space (HDD or SSD)
  • Old or fragmented hard drive
  • Too many background programs
  • Too many startup programs
  • Malware or viruses
  • Special effects and visual features

How to make your computer faster?

There are many ways, by using that you can speed up your system’s speed. Some of them are as written below, let’s get started.

Restart your computer

To restart your PC is the first thing to do if it is not operating as quickly as it should. Simply shutting down any open apps on your computer can assist, but restarting it can also give it a variety of other benefits.

It guarantees that programs won’t continue to run in the background enables the installation of Windows updates, and can resolve a number of bugs that you may be experiencing.

If you restart your computer and find that applications start up automatically, startup programs may be to blame for the poor performance.

Clean your hard drive

Your PC should slow down if your hard disk memory is full since the operating system will not have enough room to operate properly. To use the swap file, avoid fragmentation, create temporary files, and many other things, your OS needs space.

Make sure there is at least 500MB (megabytes) of disk space available to prevent your computer from being slow due to a full hard drive.

Disable Background Programs

Too many programs running at a time consume processing resources and slow down the PC that is a common reason of slow computers. Some applications run in the background only even after you have closed them or launch on their own when your computer boots up.

Open Task Manager by clicking CTRL+ALT+DELETE to check what background processes are active on your computer and how much memory and processing power they are using.

Disable Startup Programs 

There may be too many apps running when your PC boots up, which can cause it to perform slower and take longer to boot. In contrast to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 do not require you to manage startup apps using the System Configuration tool. Instead, you can complete it directly from the Task Manager.

There are any more options to speed or boost up your PC:

  • Scan for malware and viruses
  • Upgrade your hard drive
  • Install Updates
  • Reinstall Windows
  • Empty recycle bin
  • Remove unwanted programs
  • Clean your download folder
  • Find and delete temporary files
  • You should clear all the cache and cookies on your web browser.

The Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows

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There are a tonne of different techniques for accelerating a slow computer without repeatedly turning it on and off. If your computer breaks anytime you try to run more than one application, you may need to learn a few new tricks.

Several solutions to speed up a slow computer:

  • Install PC Faster in your PC it helps to fix your slow computer.
  • Identify the applications slowing down your PC.
  • Remove unwanted files and images
  • Make sure your internet connection and browser are working.
  • Remove all temporary files and empty your recycle bin.
  • Switch from a hard drive to an SSD as your computer’s storage device.

All computers will eventually endure decreased speeds due to nature. How well your PC adapts to changes as software becomes more demanding may have a big impact on its performance.

The speed of your computer can be enhanced in several different ways.

  • Download PC Cleaner Software, it will immediately speed up your sluggish PC.
  • Deleting fragments from your hard disc
  • Increasing the RAM
  • Removing unused software
  • You should update your drivers
  • less programmes to run when you start up
  • Directing startup procedures
  • Scanning for spyware and viruses


It’s always exciting to start a brand-new computer. It provides a whole new range of opportunities for work and play, runs quickly, and everything is snappy and responsive. At the very least, that’s how it feels at first, but you’re going to be more effective, accomplish more, and enjoy yourself while doing it. Things start to seem to slow down after a few months. Your favorite programmers load more slowly and the computer takes longer to start up.

By Pankajsharma

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