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Being late on a much-awaited show entails you missing all the fun stuff. Even though you try to catch up but it’s never the same. Only those attendants enjoy the premium who are in it from the start!

We can say the same about crypto. Investors who had invested meager funds are now reaping millions of dollars in returns. Their timely entry has transformed their lives.

Carl Runefelt, often dubbed The Moon, is a billionaire under 30 years of age. Not long ago, he was helping customers buy their groceries in a supermart. Today, he is a global crypto leader who regularly engages his millions of followers on his YouTube channel, The Moon. This unimaginable change came about due to his astute yet consistent investments in crypto.

Carl confidently suggests, “Accumulate one bitcoin to become a millionaire in the future as only multimillionaire would be able to hold bitcoin.”

A rush of motivation, right?

But that’s not it. We’ll share with you the reasons why you should start investing in crypto right away, lest it’s too late.

Let’s begin

Our Virtual World is in the Making – The Metaverse

Yes, the existence of a virtual world is not a tale of sci-fi movies anymore. It is actually in the making. Facebook has announced the Metaverse, where we’ll interact, share and communicate with everyone as avatars.

We will get a digital second-life and a whole new world to explore! Flex your imaginations.

In this virtual world, cryptocurrency will be the official currency. You will get crypto to buy NFTs, collectibles, artworks, and whatnot. You’d even be able to buy digital properties in Metaverse.

As this whole new world of Metaverse flourishes, crypto trading will experience its never-before boom. Crypto is already in the process of replacing fiat currency, but with Metaverse, crypto and NFTs demand will skyrocket.

Crypto Embrace is on the Rise

There was widespread hesitancy in adopting crypto as a mode of payment by businesses. That has started to fade. In fact, some of the world’s prominent brands have opened their arms to accept cryptocurrency. Microsoft, PayPal, and Starbucks are some notable examples.

You can envision a future where you’ll be paying in digital currencies for expensive cars to a pack of eggs.

Carl Runefelt says, “We live in a digital world, we need digital money, and we need non-political digital money and Bitcoin is the resolution and I think that right now people are realizing it, but it will take some time before we see the full transformation.”

Guess what? Carl bought his first Bugatti purely with Ethereum crypto. He said, “I am not going to go to any car dealership that doesn’t accept crypto, and that’s kind of a principle I have today.”

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After the Storm, Comes the Calm

One of the biggest reservations that pessimists raise is the perennial volatility of crypto. If you’ve just bought crypto at $35,000 before going to bed, you’ll wake up to the price of $32,000.

Such a level of volatility scares the wind out of investors’ sails. After all, they want to increase their investment, not the opposite.

However, the situation has changed a lot lately. Prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have maintained a smooth sailing amid the general volatile crypto market.

And this stability is likely to continue as more and more investors and businesses wrap themselves in a crypto blanket. Expectedly, rapid fluctuations in crypto prices will become the news of the past.

A Shield Against Inflation

As the world slips into chaos and war, the monster of inflation is getting powerful.

Say, you just bought a thousand US dollars. The next day US currency value drops – it surely will hit you like a ton of bricks! You just lost some of your money.

Cryptocurrency is your shield against inflation; it doesn’t bend over for inflation! Since crypto has a global value, regional inflation can’t mess with it all.

Carl Runefelt says, “Crypto is the best hedge against inflation that we have in the world right now, and crypto is also the best form of money that we have and have maybe ever seen in the history of humans.”

Transparency – Fundamental Tenet of Crypto

You love your money, right? You won’t invest your money if you risk losing it due to hacking or fraud.

Blockchain technology is the assurance to your fears. How?

Fundamentally, cryptocurrency is powered by blockchain technology. Whenever you make a payment, the blockchain records it into the ledger – ensuring total transparency to all the crypto traders! This means that your crypto transactions are see-through and unchangeable.

Let us put it this way: Blockchain technology asserts to the hackers, “You cannot mess with the light!

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