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You are willing to study on an international campus then you accept it or not but you have a budget that holds an important place for every student who is willing to study abroad. You need to know certain places which are cheap and it will prove to be an important decision of your career. Today, we will discuss top countries that are offering great levels of education in the cheapest manner. For more information, you can also take help from Study abroad consultants in India.


This is on the top of the list, although all of the Nordic countries are cheap and they attract a large number of students. Norway tops the list in terms of feasible education for international students. These Nordic countries are known for their great hospitality and international level of education. Another main reason to study in Norway is they offer a huge number of English-taught programs so you need not worry about learning a new language which is totally unknown to you. The maintenance cost in Norway is also low as compared to other countries. When you will talk about the tuition fees it is also low and it depends on the different types of programs that you choose.


Also, this is another option for online studies, this is also cheap in terms of tuition fees and living costs. The national Taiwan university is ranked amongst the top 100 universities of the world. So, it signifies that it is not lagging behind in terms of providing a great level of education but it is providing its students a low living cost. Over 120 courses are taught in Taiwan, so the students have a larger extent of choices to make for their careers.


The main attraction point, of studying in France is they follow the same fee structure for the domestic and international students, as this is not the case in most of the countries. The institutions set up their own fee structure for the students in different programs, the living cost in France is also cheap. You need to worry about this too much.


Another place to study abroad with a cheap fee structure is Poland, which offers a high level of education with a large number of opportunities for its students. If you can speak polish then you can study for free or you can take up some polish speaking courses for this. But, it’s not like you don’t have English-taught courses in Poland universities, there are a large number of courses which are available for different genres.

New Zealand

This is also one of those countries that are providing the best education services at a low cost. Studying in New Zealand offers the students with world-class global institutions, the cost of living in New Zealand is also comparatively low. When you will calculate the different works and their cost you will find out that it is very low. So, you can consider New Zealand for your abroad education.

These were the top 5 countries that are there to provide you with world-class education at a low cost. Budget is an important part when you talk about education abroad. So, you must calculate every single part before diving into the sea of abroad education, you can take help and assistance from overseas education consultants in Delhi, as getting the expert assistance can give you a clearer understanding of abroad education.

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