Places To Live In Ontario

This post contain list of the best places to live in Ontario and why you should consider living in one of these cities in Ontario if you are planning to relocate to Canada.

Apart from high security of life and properties in Ontario, Canada still has many beautiful and clean provinces with amazing cities you will definitely like. Among all these cities in Canada Ontario has one of the best cities to live In.

Ontario is one of the top cities that receive the highest number of tourists from different parts of the world. The population of Ontario is over 14 million people which make it to top the most loved and popular province in Canada.

The population is not the main reason why it is the best, rather the quality of life over there. Organization for Economic co-operation and development ranked Canada as the 4th best country to live in the world.

They noticed this due to the quality of life there compare to other countries. Canada was known to offer greater access to housing, food, healthcare employment and high quality education.

Nevertheless, in Canada there is political stability, clean environment that is good for your health, job security you will not be afraid of losing your job any moment soon, except you violated there law and your individual right is guaranteed.

Here, in this article I will be revealing the safest place to live in Ontario, Canada if you wish to change your environment.

Ontario is one of the provinces In Canada where people enjoy living. It is a beautiful city with many amazing cities to choose from and make your home.

The fact is that out of the top 10 cities in Canada Ontario is the number 1.

However, all provinces in Canada are very fantastic to live in but it is the better to live in Ontario. Ontario, as a province has been one of the places most people want to live. Everyone wants to live in the best life when they decided to settle in an area.

So, let quickly move straight to the best places to live in Ontario in case you are looking for the best place to raise a family, live permanently or start a business, Ontario should be your top choice.

Your will find the best business environment, or the best schools for your children, with ideal professional opportunities that you may not easily see in any other area.

Top 5 best places to live in Ontario in 2022

In no particular order am going to be showing you some affordable and safe cities you may consider living in Ontario that you will never regret relocating to the area. So let move on.

1. Aurora

Aurora is a good place to live in Ontario; it’s a town in central York region in the greater Toronto area, within the Golden Horseshoe of southern Ontario, Canada.

According to Canada 2016 census, the municipal population of Aurora was the 95th largest in Canada, compared to 97th for the 2006 census.

However, Aurora is among the top ten wealthiest towns in Canada, which means it is a good business environment. Not only that the crime rate over there is very low and you can easily find low stress jobs that pay well without a degree.

Buying a house in Aurora might be the best idea because houses are is affordable there or you might consider renting an apartment.

The educational institution in Aurora is very standard and they offer high quality education which will help to prepare your kids for their future career. All these have contributed to making Autora one of the best places to live in Ontario.

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2. Toronto

Toronto is another best city to live in Ontario, it is the capital of the province of Ontario, and also one of the most popular Canadian city along lake Ontario’s northwestern shore.

It is a great metropolis with a core soaring skyscrapers, all dwarfed by the iconic free standing CN Tower.

This city has population of over 2 million people and one of the largest city in Canada. It is a peaceful environment that anyone who needs peace of mind will really like.

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, which make life in Toronto a wonderful multicultural experience. 50 percent of the population is foreigners from different parts of the world.

If you are searching for cheap city in Canada then, I don’t think Toronto is your choice because; it is one of the most expensive city in Canada.

The cost of living there is very high most especially cost of renting an apartment. Not only that you can comfortably live in Toronto without having a car.

But life in Toronto is fun and what anyone will like to experience. In the city there is art, Museum, galleries, parks, diverse restaurants, cultural activities and nightclubs etc.

Toronto remains one of the best places to live in Ontario for anyone looking for city with low crime rate and high job opportunities in Canada.

However, there is always a short winter session in Toronto compared to some other major cities in Canada which is natural.

3. Oakville

Oakville is an affordable place to live in Ontario; it is a town in Haltton Region, Ontario, Canada. It is located on Lake Ontario between Toronto and Hamilton.

However, it is Ontario’s largest city. It has high living cost but more cheaper when compare to Toronto. Oakville is renowned for stunning views of Lake Ontario and quieter living, often in spacious family home.

The weather in this city is the best in fact it has the best weather in Canada. It is very close to Toronto. This is one of the reason why Oakville residents enjoys access to Toronto’s strong job market while maintaining the advantage of a small suburb.

Still, this city is not really cheaper than Toronto because, both of them has housing and living prices which are ridiculously high.

But outside these two region the costs are very cheap. But you will not have access to most amenities that you can find in the big city like Oakville.

Without doubt, Oakville is among the richest cities in Canada, when we consider the economy, affordability, safety, quality schools, transit, and access to health care services.

4. Barrie

Ever searched for affordable town to live, Barrie is one of the best places to live in Ontario. This city is located on the shoes of Kempenfelt Bay, the western arm of lake simcoe.

Barrie is part of the extended urban area in southern Ontario known as the greater golden horseshoe.

Living in Barrie, Ontario makes everything cheap for you, due to lower house rent. Even your car insurance will go down compare to car insurance in Toronto. The cost of living is more cheaper when compared to other big cities.

If you have ever lived in other big cities in Ontario is best. The cost of everything is cheaper in Barrie even your insurance broker will be able to offer you an affordable cheap rate.

Life in this city is fun and enjoyable, there is high job opportunities with lowest crime rate. It geographical features is the preeminent lake simcoe. This lake can provide you with all the summer fun you would ever want.

However, you can rent kayaks and canoes and go exploring. You can cruise around on a boat. You will really like this city if you are looking for less expensive city to live.

5. Stratford

Stratford is a city on the Avon River in southwest Ontario, Canada. Its Stratford Festival stages modern and Shakespearean plays in multiple theatres.

Victorian buildings dot the city, including Stratford City Hall and the Perth County Courthouse.

The city’s many parks and gardens include the Shakespearean Gardens, with plants mentioned in the playwright’s works. Gallery Stratford displays primarily Canadian art.

Without any doubt, Stratford is best small town to live in Ontario. It is one of the safest city to live in Ontario. There is very low crime rate and high job opportunities with strong job security which means you will hardly loose your job in this area.

I see this city as hustle arena because the government in that city hate jobless individual which make them to keep creating more jobs. It ranked third as the best places to live in Ontario and 12th best and safest place to live in Canada.


We have been able to list our the safest, beautiful, and best places to live in Ontario. There are some factors that we consider such as: Job opportunities in the location, low crime rate, peaceful, most expensive and affordable places to live. I strongly believe that our list will help you to make better choice.

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