Strength Of Your Brand Within Google Search

1. What does your brand stand for?

What is the name that most people call you? The reason I am inquiring about this is because the name that you give your website design company might not be what your clients are looking for in an organization.

This is a common occurrence whenever your brand name is shortened by the general public for convenience. For instance, the general public refers to you as “Ten-Med,” even though your official name is the Central Tennessee State University Health System.

Even though this is a made-up example, things like this do in fact occur.

We will now use Google’s Keyword Planner to assist us in gaining a better understanding of how the general public may view both your brand and the brands of your competitors.

  • This is where we make use of the name of our organization. After that, this tool will return the most popular search results that pertain to our organization’s name.
  • This is a wonderful way to view the “brand + keyword” searches that are being conducted on the internet in addition to online searches for name variations.
  • This gives you the ability to gain insight into what subjects members of the online public are associating with your brand.

Screenshot taken from Google Ads in November 2021 displaying the Google Ads Keyword Plan

This will provide you with an idea of the number of people who search for your brand, as well as variations and subtopics.

More importantly, we have a better understanding of the percentage changes that have occurred over the past three months and the past year.

You have the ability to set a date range that encompasses multiple years and then export the data to a spreadsheet in order to gain a more in-depth perspective on historic search trends.

Spreadsheet in Excel containing the exported keyword list

This kind of analysis can be helpful in understanding the transition in search volume that occurs during rebranding, in addition to any seasonality that might be taking place.

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2. Free Trial Available ADVERTISEMENT Analyzing Current Trends

After you have determined how the general public searches for your brand, you can enter this brand keyword and the variations of your brand into Google Trends in order to gain an understanding of how popularity has changed over time SEO service providers in india.

Screenshot taken from Google Trends in November 2021 using the Explore feature of Google Trends

Screenshot from Google Trends, dated November 2021, displaying Interest by Sub region according to Google Trends

The benefits of this feature consist of being able to view a graphical history of search trends that are related to your brand. Google will also provide brand names that are very similar to each other.

The capacity to estimate the number of searches for brands broken down by state or region is one of the distinctive advantages of visiting Google Trends.

Even though one could rely on Google Analytics to gain this understanding, it is possible that you do not know whether the traffic typically enters through the Direct channel or the Organic Search channel.

3. Behavior of the SERP

Up to this point, we have been able to determine the manner in which internet users search for your brand as well as the frequency with which they look for you.

The Google Search Console should be your next stop.

Google’s Control Panel for Search

Within the Search Results section, we not only have the ability to view the brand-related searches that users of the internet perform, but we can also view the frequency with which our listing receives clicks.

Remember that users may also click on a Google local listing depending on their proximity to a relevant brick-and-mortar location that is relevant to the search.

You have the ability to look at the ranking of keyword phrases in addition to the comparison of ‘within time’ while you are simultaneously analyzing click-through rates for brand and brand variation terms.

4. Paid Search Market Share of Brand Impressions

We have done an in-depth analysis of the organic search brand exposure, including where your website appears and the percentage of times users click on your organic listing.

However, in markets that are highly competitive, it is not unusual for competitors to place bids on your brand name and variations of your brand name in an effort to entice website click-throughs for traffic that was initially intended for your site.

If you want to stay one step ahead of this, one strategy you can use is to set aside a portion of your budget for paid search and use that money to only bid on your brand name and variations and misspellings that are similar to it.

Insights from the Google Ads Auction

After you have given this campaign a few months to run its course, you will have a better idea of the percentage of the time that your brand terms appear at the top of the page.

This will also shed light on which of your other competitors are looking to capitalize on the traffic that your brand generates.

  • Not only does impression share matter in this context, but so does top of page impression share and absolute top of page impression share. These latter two rates demonstrate not only that your advertisement was displayed, but also that you were able to rank in the number one position at the top of the page, or at the very least, that it was displayed in the upper part of the page.
  • If a competitor brand bids against you, they may be trying to steal traffic from your website while at the same time paying to handle customer service inquiries that you receive. This can be a precarious situation.
  • The most important thing is to set aside a sufficient amount of money and commit to paying a cost-per-click that is high enough to ensure that your website appears near the top of the results page for the vast majority of searches pertaining to your brand.

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