MEAN stack over the years has become extremely popular. This is why the demand for developers who are proficient in this technology stack is very huge. However, mastering the technology stack is not that easy. Why? Because to master this technology stack one must acquire certain skills. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you the six important skills every MEAN stack developer must have.


If you want to master the technology stack you should probably have deep knowledge of JavaScript. Why? Because it is the foundation of all the technologies in the stack. Thus, if you don’t have deep knowledge of JS then you may not be able to efficiently use the stack. However, if you acquire knowledge of JavaScript then you can easily get the most out of the technology stack. So, do learn about JS if you want to become a MEAN expert or at least master its basics. If you do this, then you will not face any trouble in using the stack for development. To master the basics of JS easily feel free to join our Mean Stack Online Course.

Research Skills

Many aspiring developers underestimate the importance of having good research skills. However, you must have great research skills if you seek to become a competent MEAN developer. Why? Because while working as a developer you will at some time encounter problems using the stack. Thus, to solve that problem you will require to go through different resources to find a solution for that problem. But for this, you will require to possess strong research skills. So, do enhance or improve your search skills if you don’t want to face any problems while using the stack.


MongoDB is an incredible DB that you can use for storing JSON-like documents. The database is a very important part of the stack. Thus, you must master it if you want to become an expert MEAN developer. You must be comfortable writing and running queries for the DB. Besides this, you must know how to configure and maintain it. So, do acquire working knowledge of this robust DB if you want to become an expert developer. For becoming a MongoDB expert you can take the help of training resources available online. Besides this, you can also join a MongoDB training program to master the database.


It is a fantastic back-end framework that is built with the help of JS and Node.js. Using it, you can quickly develop an efficient back-end for an application or API. Besides this, the back-end framework also offers a lot of freedom/flexibility to users. This is another big reason behind the increasing demand for the framework. As a developer, you must know how the Express framework works. Furthermore, you must know how to use it for developing the back end of an app or API. So, do work on becoming an expert in Express if you want to become a MEAN expert.


Angular JS is another important component of the technology stack. The framework mainly allows a developer to develop a robust front-end for a web app. But you can also use it for controlling the functioning of the app or populating/manipulating DOM. Apart from this, support numerous plugins. This makes it one of the best front-end frameworks among developers. So, do acquire working knowledge of Angular if you want to enhance your value as a developer.


Node.js is another key component of the MEAN stack that you must master. Basically, it is a server environment that is built using JS. Using it you can easily handle communication between the server side and client side of an application. Besides this, the server environment also improves the overall efficiency of the development team. In other words, mastering Node.js can be very advantageous for you. So, master Node.js if you want to become an excellent developer. To acquire deep knowledge of the server environment feel free to join our Mean Stack Training in Delhi.


These are some of the top skills that every MEAN developer must work on acquiring. So, do acquire all these skills if you seek to pursue your career as a MEAN developer. If you do this then you can quickly become a competent and proficient developer. Furthermore, developing these skills will also help you become more proficient in using the technology stack. Amazing, right?

By Pankajsharma

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