Ways To Write Amazing Title For Your YouTube Video

Creating YouTube video content is not the cup of tea for everyone. It needs creativity, a nice niche, patience, and research. YouTube marketing techniques are required to be used for getting desired results of your YouTube channel.

There are numerous things that need to be kept in mind while creating YouTube content. A YouTube content creator must keep in mind the things like suitable Title, Keywords, Traffic, Target Audience, Description, Type of ads, Ads duration, and many more elements. Today we will discuss about some creative ways to write and select titles for your YouTube videos.

Ways To Write Amazing Title For Your YouTube Video:

Selecting and writing a YouTube video title is a very important and complex task. Because YouTube video titles directly affect the traffic at you channel. Today I’ll tell you some new and amazing ways to write unique yet popular titles for your YouTube videos.


The first and foremost way to decide your Title for your video is that the title must be related to your niche. The reason behind this is that the people will visit your channel for your niche, which means the title must be according to your niche.


Keywords are very important for the ranking of your content. For YouTube video Title also, you must select appropriate keywords. The keywords have a direct effect on the traffic and search engine ranking on your YouTube channel. Ultimately it affects the performance of your product or service in the digital market. Therefore, many content creators have high end SEO techniques and tools for conducting keyword research.

There is a popular tool named SEOToolAdda, which is a very reliable and ideal choice for the best SEO group buy services. This tool helps in content creation and content optimization for getting high rankings at search engines. This tool provides high quality keyword research through the SEMrush package. So, you must do keyword research to get the appropriate keyword for your YouTube video title.


People are educated and aware regarding online social media activities. They know how to get relevant information from relevant sources and believe in reliable facts and figures. They search for facts to search for their relevant content at YouTube. So, try to add facts and figures at your title so that the viewers trust your content. You should use number figures for your title like:

“5 amazing tips to frame your resume”, and 

“6 ways to increase the number of subscribers at your channel”.

Using numbers in titles helps the audience to trust your content. In fact, figures in title help in increasing the amount of traffic at your channel.


Emotions are the things which can move anyone’s heart. Human beings are full of emotions. Their life is empty without emotions. SO, try to use emotive words to attract the audience and move them through your YouTube video content.

You can use emotive words like, Profitable, Joyful, At heavy discount, Free, Luxurious, Competitive, best in world and many more. By using emotive words, you can attract people towards your videos. So, use emotive words in Title of your video.


You can also use Trendy hashtags in your Title of your YouTube video Title. Nowadays, people search for their content by searching for trendy Hashtags. So try to include trendy and popular hashtags in your titles like:

#topbrand collection in discount,

#exclusive Seminar with Mr ABC

#DIY for party wear accessories

By using trendy Hashtags, you can also attract new subscribers at your YouTube channel. This will help you in improving the performance of your YouTube channel.


You can also create curiosity among the audience by creating a curious title of your YouTube video. Try to use words with suspense and curiosity in your YouTube video title so that your loyal and regular subscribers become curious for your upcoming video content. You can use Curious Titles like:

  • Upcoming Collection of ABC fashion Week
  • New policy affecting your Work from Home schedule.
  • Trendy Outfits in only Rs1000

Using Curious Titles attracts new audiences to your YouTube channel. So, write a curious title at your YouTube video.


Titles for your YouTube Video content is a very crucial and important element. Deciding a suitable and appropriate Title is a very confusing and crucial task of content creators. So try to use these amazing ways to write unique and popular Titles for your YouTube videos which will help you in increasing your search engine rankings.

By Lalit Manral

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