Artificial intelligence has brought a great development in the Business world. Artificial intelligence is supported by machine learning and big data. The AI has fulfilled all the technological needs of growing business.

AI can support business organizations in achieving their main objectives with high efficiency and effectively. It automates the processes of business, helps in getting insights via data driven algorithms, and helps in engaging more customers and employees. Artificial intelligence has taken over many activities which need 24/7 attention and replace humans.


There are numerous AI based technological tools which help in executing various business management functions within a minimum time period. In 2024, there are many AI tools which contributes mainly in Business Development. These are as follows:


Grammarly is one of the best Artificial Intelligence based Tools. This writing assistant tool has broken records in writing error free content. This tool is preferred by professionals as well as students for their content creation. Grammarly is designed with a user friendly concept.

It has amazing features like, Spell Checker, Plagiarism Detention, and Writing Assistant. It is available in both plans, i.e., Free and Premium versions. This cloud-based tool is also available for your chrome browser extension. Grammarly is the top choice of content writers. It is the best AI tool for improving the quality of your content.

The official work flow of business organizations has become flawless because of grammarly. It is one of the best tools for business development.


Timely app is the best AI based application for managing the timetable of businessmen. If you are facing issues of time management then you must use the Timely app. The timely app has amazing features of time management and time tracking.

Business organizations use Timely software for automating the time table of their schedules of business processes. Timely will help you in a fast workflow as you can get your every move according to the time automatically.


Alli AI is a SEO tool for business organizations. This tool helps the organization’s in optimizing their website for effective digital branding. This AI based SEO tool’s automation feature is very useful for a business organization’s website. Alli AI has a pretty cool User Interface. The analytical algorithms are precise and accurate for content optimization.


Watson is a professional artificial intelligence tool designed by IBM. IBM’s Text to Speech tool is a cloud-based software which converts your written text into natural human voice. It offers a variety of languages with a variety of voices. This tool is very useful for various business processes.

This IBM tool is very appropriate for a variety of business industry applications like, in the Automobile sector, Interior Automation, Medical equipment algorithms and many more.

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5.  RYTR

Rytr is another writing assistant tool for a business organization’s smooth corporate workflow. Writing assistants powered by artificial intelligence can create material for you. They explore concepts and generate content using NLP and machine learning. This tool is quite useful for barrierless important content. This tool is useful because of its automated features.


Haptik is an AI based chatbot designed for business conversations. They are designed for conversational AI solutions for every kind of industry like, E commerce, Insurance, Telecom, Mortgage, Gaming and many more.

The AI driven analytical feature of Haptik is very accurate and useful for performance measurement. The customer service of Haptik is very great. Haptik has all kinds of plans for industry like Starter, growth and Advanced. Haptik is also a part of google, jio and Facebook.


Technological advancement has enhanced the scope of Business Development. Artificial Intelligence has helped the business organizations in achieving their goals effectively and efficiently.

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