Walnut Cabinets

Different types of woods are used for kitchen cabinets. However, two of the most popular choices, are walnut and cherry wood. They are loved for their distinguished and rich looks. It is their characteristics that make them unique.

If you are confused about which is the right choice for you, modern walnut cabinets or cherry cabinets. Don’t worry, we are going to help you with it. Let’s take a look at the woods in terms of style, workability, color, or grain pattern.

Wood Color

In the case of Cherry, the wood color changes with time from blonde to reddish-brown. The wood at the log’s center starts with a pinkish brown color but will become a rich red-brown with time.

Modern walnut kitchens offer rich brown colors, ranging from light brown to dark brown. The sapwood is white and pale yellow and the heartwood has brown shades, which vary from dark chocolate brown to light brown. There are some with a gray or purple tone. With a natural oil finish, you can easily highly the colors of the modern walnut cabinets.


One of the striking features of the cherry wood cabinet is that it darkens over time when exposed to light. Even though darkening is expected, you should check the hallmark of the furniture. Also, pay attention to where you are installingthe cherry wood kitchen cabinets. If it is exposed to sunlight, consider what you are going to put on top.

MidCentury kitchen cabinets are durable and strong. It will not warp or absorb shock, well. The color of walnut might lighten over time. It can create a beautiful contrast by installing walnut wood cabinets.


The grain on wood plays a significant role in determining its look. Cherry wood has fine, smooth, straight, or simple grain. It is a uniform and closed grain pattern and a smooth texture, which gives it a sophisticated look.

Walnut wood cabinet has a straight and fine grain and a medium texture. You might find irregularities, such as knots. Curls and waves might occur from knots that are present in this kind of wood.

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Cherry wood is great for intricate carvings. It will give an ornate look to the mid century kitchen cabinets for sale. Its straight wood grain makes it easier to work with. You can easily cut and work with cherry wood. So, it can be easily shaped. Moreover, it can dry off quite fast and can steam well for bending. It can be nailed and glued well. Thus, the grain is smoother and has a beautiful finish.

You can turn and carve it out. The wood is good for steam bending. Also, it glues well. Walnut wood cabinets are easy to work with screws, nails, and hand tools. The exotic dark colors aren’t good for painting but they look great in a clear finish or with dark stains. If you are building to impress, walnut cabinets can be the ideal choice.


Walnut is generally more expensive than cherry wood. This is because walnut trees aren’t as common as cherry trees. Moreover, walnut trees don’t grow much tall and give less wood per tree than others. Walnut woods don’t have longboards. This means there will be more knots to work with. The wood gives a premium finish to the cabinets.

Cherry also commands a higher price than budget-friendly oak trees.

Bottom Line

The color of walnut and cherry wood makes them the best choice for furniture, such as kitchen cabinets. They both are strong and can give the cabinets a premium look.  

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