NEMA Power Cords

Power extension cords have become an indispensable item in our day-to-day lives. But still, while buying one, we never pay much attention to its details, which we should. We, SF Cable, would like to help you select the right extension cord for your personal or professional use. For whatever reason you are purchasing it, SF Cable would insist on NEMA Power Cords. Let’s see why you should arrange for a NEMA extension cord:

Yellow NEMA Power Cords

NEMA power cords have gained immense popularity among our customers due to their quality and usability. This sturdy, water-resistant, bright yellow cable with superbly strengthened prongs that never break or flex. It can be used to serve many needs starting from gardening to tool-shed setting to powering household devices, etc. It comes with an LED indicator that lights up when there is power in the cord and a lifetime warranty for replacement.   

The AC mains power standards have been fixed in North America and other countries by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association or NEMA. The power cords are thus named NEMA power cords. We sell a variety of NEMA power cords and NEMA connectors and we surely feel that it is here to stay and has a great future ahead.

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What is the Future of the Power Cables?

SF Cables deeply believes that the capacity of the power cables is immense. And the more powerful it is, the better for you as it will charge your device without getting itself heated. Needless to say, NEMA cables are the best option that you can avail in the whole of the North American continent. 

So, we will talk about one of the most renowned names in the world of cables in North America, which is none other than the National Electrical Manufacturers Association company or NEMA. It is considered the most reliable and standard one in North America.  

Now that we are talking about the NEMA Cables, SF Cables sells both the variants, the underground and the grounded. The grounded one has three pins, the grounded pin and two flat pins whereas the ungrounded one comes with two flat pins. If you are buying the cable for an appliance that needs high voltage capacity, then definitely go for the ground one, or else choose the ungrounded one for normal voltage consumption. Having said that, we would like to elaborate on the variations of NEMA cables:  

For Laptops

The NEMA power cable used in the laptops consists of two parts, one part is the adapter that converts AC to DC like the NEMA 5 15r. This conversion is vital because the laptops can’t stand high voltages. As laptops are battery-controlled, they require much less voltage to recharge. Although the laptops have a stable system, the Direct Current is best for it as it has a much lower strength than AC and here, in this case, NEMA is the best choice.  

In Kitchen Gadgets

The refrigerator is a classic example where only grounded NEMA power cables can be used. This is because it requires high voltage to operate. Also, it needs an earthing connection to protect the user and the device from high voltage and voltage fluctuations. The microwave also needs grounded cables. The toasters, blenders, etc., which can operate on lower voltages, need ungrounded power cords for their operations.

In Entertainment System

Typically, an entertainment system comprises a television, a soundbar, a gaming console, and a streaming box and all of them operate under low voltage. We purchase these objects for long-term use so they need a power cord that should be the best in the market and NEMA is the best choice here. 

Automated Home Appliances

NEMA power cords are compatible with all wall sockets. It can be used to plug in any device across the continent of North America. SF Cable assures that NEMA cable is the best option. It offers the best voltage that your device can handle. And it always protects the device from electricity overload and any electrical hazards.

Although some wall sockets run on USB ports, it’s not at all as versatile as the NEMA cables. So, needless to say, the NEMA cable is here to stay.

In Conclusion

The concept of power supply has drastically changed over the years, especially in the IoT world. SF Cable sees a very bright future for the NEMA cable and it is surely here to stay. Come to us at SF Cable and see our stock all by yourself starting from the NEMA 5-15P to NEMA 5-15R. We have all the variants of NEMA cable for you to choose from. Meet us soon for proper guidance on choosing the right NEMA cable for your gadgets. 

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