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Today a significant number of front-end developers are using React JS framework for app development. This is because it provides tons of benefits to front-end developers. For instance, using it you can develop user interfaces for both mobile apps and web apps. Besides this, the framework also simplifies and speeds up the development process. In other words, a front-end developer can gain many benefits by using React. But do you know there are specific things that you can do to get even more out of the ReactJS framework? Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you the four tips to get even more out of this fabulous front-end framework.

Here are the tips that you can follow to get even more out of this fantastic front-end development framework.

What Is React?

Basically, it is one of the top-notch JS frameworks/libraries that you can use for front-end app development. The framework comes with lots of libraries that make developing responsive web apps very easy for a developer. This is why a significant number of developers worldwide are using ReactJS for font-end app development. Besides this, you can also use the framework for creating UI for a mobile or web app. The main aim of the framework is to simplify and speed up the front-end development process. In other words, using this astonishing front-end development framework can be quite beneficial for you. To learn how to develop UI for both mobile/web apps using React feel free to join our React Full Stack development course.

Tips to Get the Most Out of React JS

Following are the tips that you can follow to get the most out of this remarkable JS framework:

Develop Small Modules

If you want to get the most out of the framework then make sure you develop small modules using it. Why? Because big modules are more complex in nature. As a result, managing them becomes quite difficult. However, if you develop small modules then you can easily solve this problem. Moreover, it will also make managing apps very easy for you. So, do develop small modules/components for your apps instead of big components.

Use Hooks

Hooks came into existence with React 16.8. Basically, they are the functions that allow their user to add additional features to their apps. Furthermore, they contain state/life cycle methods that you can use without requiring you to write a class component. Besides this, they help developers easily manage stateful logic/side effects. Amazing, right? So, do consider using hooks if you want to get the most out of React framework.

React Dev Tools

React Dev Tools is a fabulous Google Chrome extension. The extension is compatible with the framework and allows its user to easily understand what is going on inside a React app. For instance, it can give you information about props, state, hooks, etc. Besides this, you can also use the extension for getting information about all the components of the app. All this ultimately makes debugging React JS apps very easy for developers. So, do use this extension if you also want to easily debug your apps without any difficulty or problem. It is a fabulous extension and using it can be quite beneficial for a React developer.

Use Error Boundaries

Just like JS has try and catch blocks for error handling, React has error boundaries. Basically, they react to components that can detect errors while rendering other components. When an error comes during the rendering process it can affect the component tree. As a result, the app might crash down. However, by using error boundaries you can easily avoid such situations. So, do use error boundaries if you want to ensure that errors do not affect your entire app. To learn about error boundaries and how to use them in detail feel free to join our React Full Stack Developer Course.


React JS is an outstanding and astonishing framework that offers multiple benefits to its users. However, by using the above tips you can even get more out of this front-end development framework. So, do use these tips if you also want to get the most out of React framework. These tips are extremely useful and can provide you with tons of benefits.

By Taruna Kashyap

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