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The Linux Foundation has taken control of Extreme Networks’ open source workflow automation platform, StackStorm.

According to Arpit Joshipura, Linux Foundation GM for networking, edge, and IoT, it will continue as a stand-alone project under the foundation’s administration (LF).

“The current goal is to host the project under the LF, given the focus of the community and the requirements from the project about the neutral governance provided by LF,” Joshipura said to SDxCentral in an email. If you want to save check out cka coupon for latest discount & offers.

Top 7 Linux Foundation gifts That you can give

1. First of all, we have Tux.

Tux is a penguin figure who serves as the Linux kernel’s official brand character.

 As an entry in a competition for a Linux logo, Tux has become the most often used icon for Linux, however it is depicted in a variety of ways by different Linux distributions. Many more Linux apps make use of the character, which is also used as a generic symbol for Linux. Penguins were an inspiration for Linus Torvalds, Linux’s developer, when it came to designing the Linux logo.

2. Linux t-shirts and hats

T-shirts from Linux trade shows fill my drawer. You can, however, buy a t-shirt or a hat for your pals from CafePress or Zazzle if they missed out on an invite to Linux Plumbers or LinuxCon. ThinkGeek used to carry this kind of gear, but now they’re more interested in Game of Thrones, Pokemon, and Harry Potter than they are in Debian, Ruby, or Apache.

3. A Linux Foundation membership is required.

A membership in the Linux Foundation can be given as a gift to a friend who is unable to code, beta test, or produce documentation but still wishes to support Linux. It’s worth it to join because of the perks.

It costs $99 a year to join the Linux Foundation, which can be recouped quickly by taking advantage of just one of the many discounts available to members. Email newsletters highlighting the latest Linux news and analysis to keep users up-to-date.

4. A Linux-based personal computer

Do you know if your friend needs a new computer? With a Linux DVD or USB stick, they can easily turn any old machine into a Linux PC. In addition, you can purchase a pre-installed Linux PC for them. PCs that come pre-loaded with the Linux operating system are known as “Linux PCs” (OS). Not only do “tinkerers” utilize it on home PCs and servers, but it’s also a popular choice for large-scale systems.

5. System76 computer 

Colorado-based System76 is an American maker of laptops and desktop computers as well as servers. Ubuntu or Pop! OS are preinstalled operating systems for the company’s products.

Carl Richell and Erik Fetzer are the brains behind the startup System76. To offer PCs with Linux operating systems preinstalled, Fetzer registered the domain in 2003 but didn’t do anything with it until two years later.

6. Mini 3D printer by Lulzbot

Every day, it’s a pleasure to use the LulzBot Mini, an open-source desktop 3D printer. In addition, the Lulzbot Mini (Figure D) is a great present for the do-it-yourselfer in your life. Another reason to include the Lulzbot on the list is that they support Linux and even have available drivers for downloads.

7. Mooltipass Offline Password Keeping

It is possible to use the Mooltipass Mini on any USB-enabled computer, tablet, smartphone, or other device. Without requiring any drivers for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, or any other operating system, you can simply unlock your Mini and choose which credentials to send to the device.

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Cyber Monday at the Linux Foundation

It’s time for the year’s largest sale. Even instructor-led courses offered by the Linux Foundation are eligible for up to a 65% discount.

Linux Foundation training and certification is generally accepted in a number of open-source positions.

If you don’t get a package or Bootcamp, the courses and certifications can cost upwards of $1000 without any savings.

With this promotion, you can get up to a 65% discount. Grab them while you can, because you may not have another opportunity like this in the near future!

Including courses, certifications, packages, and Bootcamps. Everyone can find something to their liking. Let me give you a quick rundown of what’s available.

About the Linux Foundation

In the Linux Foundation store, you can get a variety of Linux-related products and services, such as blockchain training, system administration, cloud computing, and containerization, for a reasonable price. With OSS flair and flavor, they provide comprehensive technology and support solutions for developer enablement as well as business operations, marketing and events. In order to expedite project operations and community involvement, automate technology infrastructure, simplify project administration, and allow community and enterprise-wide awareness at scale, the Linux Foundation is the only organization with such a comprehensive platform.

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