Jhalana Safari Park


The name of the wild will appeal to many flora and fauna fanatics to return back to Jhalana Safari Park and embody the barren region and stay amongst wild creatures. If you’re in Jaipur, Jhalana National Park may be one of the first-rate interesting studies of your life.

This yr Jhalana National Park has visible a speedy increase withinside the populace of powerful Leopards. It may be very pleasant information for all of the flora and fauna fanatics. As a result, tourists’ enthusiasm to concentrate on the decision of the wild could be terrific and a laugh stuffed into an extraordinary and interesting memory.

About Jhalana Safari Park

At the coronary heart of Jaipur, there’s a lovely home of Leopards – Jhalana National Park. It is one of the most distinguished Leopard Safari locations in India. Its wealthy geographical range and picturesque points of interest makes it the maximum sought-after vacation spot for flora and fauna lovers and nature fanatics. A weekend getaway to Jhalana National Park is the first-rate area to search for a journey in Jaipur.

Located withinside the foothills of Aravalli, decked with picturesque scenes of deserts, plains, rivers, valleys, tropical rainforests, Himalayan foothills, coastal mangroves and the snow-clad scenic charms of higher north facet will simply pleasure your thoughts as those are the portions of heaven crafted via way of means of God with lot of efforts. Its splendor is an idea to the artist, its barren region is a thrill to the journey fanatics and flora and fauna lovers and its pleased vibe is a solace for nature fanatics. There is not anything higher than an interesting Jhalana Leopard Safari in Jaipur. It is the first-rate manner to discover this enchanted barren region and be one with the wild and nature.

Timings for Jhalana Leopard Safari

Morning – 6:forty five to 9:30 Morning – 5:forty five to 8:50

Evening – 3:00 to 5:50

Evening- 3:45 to 6:15

Fauna of Jhalana National Park

Jhalana National Park has more than 35 leopards which include 10 cubs. As a result, Leopards may be without difficulty noticed. It is a first-rate area for leopard sightseeing in India.Apart from Leopards, you may spot Striped Hyena, Blue Bull (Nilgai) and loads of snakes, Indian civets, wasteland cats, and jungle cats, wasteland foxes, jackals, porcupines, jungle rats, display lizards, mongooses, Sambar deer, noticed deer (chital).

Bird Species of Jhalana National Park

Varieties of birds make Jhalana National Park a heaven for chicken watchers. It is one of the pinnacle activities here. There are a number of birds like Indian Pitta, Dusky Eagle, Owl, Spotted Owlet and so forth. to blow your coronary heart away. The flora and fauna vacation withinside the Jhalana National Park is the first-rate vacation you’ve got got ever enjoyed.

Flora of Jhalana National Park

Jhalana National Park is the first-rate area for nature fanatics and photographers as severa picturesque points of interest will pleasure your senses.Narrow hills of Aravalli and lovely Jhalana rainforests is a hub of tranquility that might permit you to spend a few moments of peace.Jhalana is a dry deciduous forest, it stays dry at some point of summertime season and will become a lush inexperienced scenic habitat in monsoon.Plants like Juliflora and Khejri, dhak, salar, dhonk and Kumta and so forth embellish the land of Jhalana National Park.

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Jhalana Leopard Safari on-line booking

All the bookings for Jhalana Leopard Safari are controlled via Forest officers of the Jhalana Leopard reserve. Only 10 jeeps of 6 seaters are allowed to go into Jhalana National Park in a single shift. It may be very critical to ee-e book your Leopard Safari on-line earlier.

Things to keep in mind whilst on-line booking

You should pay the entire costs for Jhalana National Park Safari earlier and it’s far non- refundable. Your ID evidence is mandatory. You can book your Safari ninety days earlier. If you aren’t Indian, your passport information are mandatory.

Best time to Visit Jhalana National Park

November to May is the first-rate time to go to this extraordinary Jhalana Leopard Reserve. During the summer time you may without difficulty see Wild Leopards roaming close to the water assets. They get thirsty because of the warmth of the summertime season.  It is the first-rate time for sightseeing.

Top Things to Do in and round Jhalana National Park

Leopard Safari is one of the important sights in Jhalana National Park. Not best is it the first-rate manner to discover flora and fauna however additionally an excellent possibility to click on a few lovely pics of untamed cats and different creatures.

You can live at Leopard Safari Farm at Jhalana National Park to discover the splendor of vegetation and fauna.

Sightseeing might be a cute enjoyment to don’t forget for all time and experience the royalty of Rajasthan Tourism.

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