15Kw Solar System in Penrith

Incredible technological advancements have led us to live in a world where electricity holds great importance. In this modern era, almost everything runs on electricity. From mobile devices to home appliances and lighting fixtures, every device requires electricity to meet its power needs.

Even commercial establishments of all sizes and types in Penrith need electricity to operate smoothly. This has ultimately resulted in ever-increasing demands for electricity. With heavy demands and limited supply, the cost of electricity has also spiked like never before. And as such, Penrith homeowners started using alternative sources of energy – solar energy.

Solar energy is a boon for all those homeowners who have been struggling for years to pay hefty electricity bills. More so, when it comes to considering a solar system 15Kw. It’s mainly because this high-power low-cost solar system is a fairly large electricity generation unit, ideally suited for residential or commercial establishments having huge energy consumption needs. So, if you are looking for considerable ways to curb your utility expenses, switch to solar in Penrith.

Still, in doubt, if it’s really worthwhile to install a 15Kw solar system in Penrith? Here are the powerful reasons that will help you understand the importance of installing a 15Kw solar power system on your home or office rooftop.


A 15Kw solar power system is a reliable source of energy when your household’s daily energy consumption ranges between 50kWh to 70kWh. Installing such a big energy generation unit allows you to stop relying on non-renewable sources of energy like coal, gas, and oil. Instead, the solar power system will help you generate your own electricity by using the sun’s heat and energy. You will have an unlimited energy supply as long as the sun shines, without worrying about unexpected power outages and hefty electricity bills. Rather, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your household will never run out of electricity.

Saves Money

Huge savings on utility bills is one of the main reasons why residential or commercial establishments are switching to solar Penrith. Yes, you can significantly reduce your monthly electricity costs by installing a 15kw solar power system on your property. It can be a great way of maximizing your long-term energy savings. It ensure to get the right solar system at the right price. Also, find out your household’s average daily electricity consumption before installing a 15kw solar power system. 

Minimal Maintenance

In contrast to what most homeowners believe, cleaning and maintaining a 15kw solar power system is super easy and convenient. In fact, solar panels are so durable that it hardly requires any monthly or annual maintenance. Thus, installing a solar power system on your rooftop can keep you away from the hassles and mess of cleaning the system on a frequent basis. All you need to do is just take a clean cloth, soak it in a solar panel cleaning solution, and then use it to wipe off the dirt, dust, or grime from the solar panels periodically. However, if you still find it hard to cope, consider hiring a reliable and professional solar panel cleaning service.

Get Tax Credits

Another outstanding reason to install a solar system 15Kw in your residential or commercial roof space is that it allows you to enjoy rebates and incentives. The cost of installing your solar power system can be reduced up to 50% based on where you live. The Australian government bodies are constantly promoting green energy as a means to reduce carbon footprints.

Environment Friendly

Using a solar power system to harness the sun’s rays and generate electricity for your home or office is best for the environment. Unlike other traditional energy-producing sources such as coal, natural gas, and oil, solar energy doesn’t emit greenhouse gases into the air or water, protecting the environment from the hazardous effects of pollution and toxic wastes. Furthermore, traditional sources of non-renewable energy tend to deplete quickly. That means, installing a solar power system will not only help you save on your utility bills. It also save precious natural resources found in the environment. Using solar energy is an effective and efficient way of contributing to a much cleaner environment.

Increases Property Value

Installing a 15kW Solar System in Penrith can increase your property value to a large extent. Serious buyers look for the condition of the property before purchasing. So, instead of just focusing on the repairs and improvements, consider installing an energy generation unit. It will not only help you get a potential buyer quickly but also increase the resale value of your property.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read the entire post, you know the value of installing a 15Kw Solar System in Penrith. The aforementioned reasons are not the only ones to install a solar power system in your property’s roof space. However, these are the powerful reasons that can help you decide on choosing solar power installation.

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